Winter: Driven and Loyal

Bill worked for the Federal Government straight out of College specifically in the Tax Department. He immersed himself in the ins and outs of the accounting laws, met and married his wife, had 2 beautiful girls and 2 grandchildren. Restless and yearning to tap into the future, he ventured out into his own accounting practice in Atlanta. He was THE old school accountant, and to this day still mailed in our returns because that is what he learned to be THE WAY to do it.

Spring: Vision and Thought

I met Bill in Atlanta, we both worked with the Marietta Diner and dreamed of opening up a diner of our own. Bill spoke of one opening in Chattanooga. The city was the coolest, Bill said, and needed the anchor of a 24/7 retro 50’s diner featuring the diversity and soul that would attract locals and tourists from all over the country. Convinced because Bill had forethought, I asked Jacob Lemus to join us and there was born the home of the 400 plus menu and 90 plus desserts, The City Cafe Diner. Along with Bill, we imagined and built the diner.

Summer: Calming and Soothing

Bill was encouraging about diners, how well they operated, and had extreme growth potential. The diner eventually grew into 3, and he wanted them to be an IPO on Wall Street. He imagined locations all over the country with the first being in Nashville. “The Musician Folk has got to experience the carrot cake (which he would save for his weekly sweet tooth)”! Meeting with us every Friday afternoon discussing business, ideas, and being that shoulder to lean on when I needed him. He was always there, and I looked forward to that shoulder.

Fall: A Huge Collection of Hats

Perfect for a man who had many ideas. Being a true lover of The Blues and Jazz, he started Blues Night at The Office, the City Cafe Diner’s downtown music club. Every Wed. Night wearing his railroad hat he would belt out a blues melody that would make Muddy Waters weep. Man he could sing! As big a voice as he had, he could write real small. And he was the slowest driver. We loved him cause he always got us where we wanted to be…… Safe and Sound.

I will miss you, my brother of the night.






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